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Welcome to the Nute Shots "Plant Growth Stimulator" website.

Nute Shots


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Safe Marijuana


Nute Shots is a carefully formulated blend of vitamin and natural plant hormones that should be used as a growth supplement / stimulant in conjunction with a regular fertilizer program during all phases of plant development.

Great for indoor plants: Indoor / outdoor hanging baskets, container or bedding plants including exotics and tropicals.

Marijuana Growth Stimulant: Works very well when used as a Marijuana growth stimulant, promotes growth to new extremes.

Use this product to promote root health, and excels when used as a growth stimulant during bloom stages.

(Apply Nute Shots to your feed water for Stronger Healthier Plants; Reduce Stress - Higher Yield,
Vibrant Blooms - Better Taste, Increase overall root system & vigour)

Over time, trial and error "and patience" enabled a medical marijuana grower to discovered a unique way of extracting the valuable growth "and great taste" potential for plants by using kelp extracts and other ingredients. By using extracts from one of the world's fastest growing plants "kelp", faster growth, plant size and vigour was achieved, additional benefits were then achieved by incorporating other organic by-products derived from cane sugars, molasses and malt extracts to create a great taste of your end products.

By incorporating Nute Shots to your current nutrient regime, it will help your plants survive during stressful stages of growth including stressful situations caused by many unusual and non-forgiving situations your plants can come across while going through their growing stages.

Huge Buds


Contents "ingredients" per bottle: 240 ml (8oz)

Ascophyllum Nodosum - "Concentrated Kelp Extracts" Saccharum.
Trace elements: alginic acid, vitamins, Auxins, at least two gibberellins (hormones which simply encourage growth)

Instructions for use in both Marijuana cultivation and Home & Garden use

Home & Garden application instructions:

- INDOOR / OUTDOOR DECORATIVE PLANTS: For greener foliage, healthier plants, vibrant blooms. Apply 5 - 8 ml per gallon of feed water "in addition to your current nutrient regime".
Used for Indoor / outdoor hanging baskets, container or bedding plants including exotics and tropicals.

(This product sold as a concentrate and should be diluted as per directions)

Marijuana application instructions: Add Nute Shots to feed water "in addition to your current nutrient regime" at start of week 2.
- VEGETATIVE STAGE: Use 4-5 ml per gallon of water.
- BLOOM STAGE: Use 8-10 ml per gallon of feed water for first 3 weeks of BLOOM STAGE, then, at the start of week 4, discontinue use, ( By employing this "shock and run" tactic, it will create an upsurge in plant growth, experience plant growth at its best.)

(Expert growers that have their nutrient mix perfected "dialed in" may want to play around with their PPM a bit depending on other nutrients being administered to their grow)

Nute Shots

Use / incorporate lightly starting seeds, and transplanting, or taking cuttings.
Introduce Nute Shots to your plants starting the second week of vegetative growth, going by provided directions will ensure stronger, more vigorous vegetative growth and when used properly during the flowering cycle, will result in better yields more vibrant blooms and improved fruit quality!

Strong Stems


Repeating myself here to show the importance of following directions properly for better yield; Stop usiung Nute Shots after 3 weeks of flowering; "contrary to mass marketed nutes", by stopping the use of this product after 3 weeks of flowing, it will induce an upsurge of plant growth that will surprise even the most seasoned grower! (Try this shock and run tactic, see how it works for you!)

Bloom Stage Monster Buds Marijuana_plant1

Healthy Vibrant Medical Grow - The finished product

marijuana pic monster buds marihuana pic
bud pics bud pic
medical marijuana tricones
nice buds marijuana pictures

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Indoor Plants

Home & Garden application instructions:
- INDOOR / OUTDOOR DECORATIVE PLANTS: For greener foliage, healthier plants, vibrant blooms. Apply 5 - 8 ml per gallon of feed water "in addition to your current nutrient regime".
Used for Indoor / outdoor hanging baskets, container or bedding plants including exotics and tropicals.


Now your plants can experience vigorous vegetative growth and when our product is used properly during the flowering cycle, your end result in more vibrant blooms better yield and improved fruit quality that will surely impress!

"Everybody knows that marijuana consumers have over time developed a sophisticated palate," said Andrew Macbeth, publisher at the marijuana niche Green Candy Press. 
"Like fine wine, the marijuana must look amazing, have a distinctive bouquet and have the cachet of being a well-known and popular strain." See how simple it really is to get the most out of YOUR favourite strain.

The title "master grower" is part of the new marketing. The true connoisseurs scoff at the use of the label except in reference to a handful of the best growers in the world, like Cervantes. Now, you too can take the next step closer to becoming the master grower, this just may be your shortcut to the top. See what Nute Shots will do for you, IF YOU DARE!

No one disputes the high level of craftsmanship going into marijuana cultivation, both indoor and outdoor.

"As Cervantes says, "All boats are rising,"

Part of this is due to information. In the past, growers didn't admit what they did, much less discuss their techniques. Now they have written dozens of books and penned a steady stream of articles in print and online. They even teach classes at pot trade schools like Oaksterdam University in Oakland. Top nutrition companies are making millions on marketing of their products, some which work, and some we'll lets say, not so good!

The product offered on this website did not come about from someone trying to make money, but from a medical grower who just needed to cut down on taking in all the hype and promotions of products that might, or might not work! Through trial and error the product Nute Shots came to be, AND IT WORKS PERIOD.

Stay away from plants that contain moulds, insect parts or pesticides, try organic products for better and healthier end results.
"Anyone can grow marijuana, but not everyone is a good marijuana grower!" Start here

For healthy looking plants try Nute Shots

Nice Grow

Rippin huge buds.
Big Buds


Ensure your grow room is very clean; I use to have an influx of people visiting to see how my grow was going, "friends" who were going from one grow to another to another etc. etc., and everybody had the same problem at all times, one had trips, we all had trips, one had mites we all had mites; one had mould we all had mould. "see where this is going!"

Some of my friends did not seem to be very happy when I stopped permitting them to enter my room. I don't mean to be rude, but now that I do not let all these people through my grow room I do not have any more problems, NONE!

In addition to the above, "my local hydroponic store owner" laughed at this one, but, I try NOT to go to the hydroponics store very often, just think about it; Everyone that has a problem goes to that store for a fix, so for me, the worst environment to go to for contact with unwanted intruders "to carry to my clean room" is the hydro store as everyone goes there looking for a fix to their problems.

A clean grow room will enhance your success for a healthy and productive crop.


Seaweed extracts have been proven time and time again to accelerate the health and growth of plants. Many plant reactions are attributed to the use of seaweed extracts.

Here we will try to point out a few benefits of using seaweed extracts to enhance the health / by product / and yield of your plants “should it be marijuana”

Seaweed by itself stimulates soil microbial activity that is beneficial to your plants growth, this reaction is particularly beneficial around the feeder roots resulting in a substantially larger root mass, thus resulting in larger stems, making the whole plant much stronger than those not using the extracts in their grow medium.
Using Seaweed extracts directly improves the plants ability to form healthier, stronger roots. Being responsible for causing actions that are directly linked to enhancing the plants own natural ability to ward off disease and pests.

A good example has been observed that aphids “such as spider mites” and other types of sap feeding insects “trips etc.” generally avoid plants treated with seaweed. At the same time it works within the soil to make more nutrients available to the plant.
The extract forms a natural nutrient bound food bank that the plant can draw on in times of stress.
Another reaction seaweed has on the roots, is the resulting increased mass and the depth of the root system in the plant, this enables the plant to draw more moisture from the soil increasing the drought tolerance level. The root mass also allows the plant to more effectively absorb and use fertilizers that are applied to the plant and soil. The overall stronger root structure may also be attributed in helping plants physically resist certain types of root diseases such as fungi & rot.
Seaweed products have long been known to enhance photosynthesis by increasing a plants chlorophyll levels. Chlorophyll is what gives plants their green color. By raising the level of chlorophyll in plants enable the plants to harness the suns energy more efficiently.

Along with this seaweed extracts contains a wide range of biological stimulants, nutrients, and carbohydrates. To date more than 60 different types of nutrients have been confirmed in seaweed. However seaweed in itself is most definitely not a plant food, it is classified as a "bio-stimulant." In our Nute Shots product additional minerals and by-products such as cane sugar, malt extract “barley grain extracts” have been added to enhance both growth yield and taste.
Seaweed extracts contain natural plant growth regulators (PGR) which control the growth and structural development of plants.
The major plant growth regulator are; Auxins, cytokines, in doles and hormones. These PGRs in seaweed are in very small quantities generally measured in parts per million, but it’s important to note that it only takes very, very small amount of these to do the job.

Indole compounds help the development of plant roots and buds.

Cytokines are hormones that promote growth via rapidly speeding up the process of cell division making seaweed extract of value in both health and growth. Foliage will get greener faster, stay green longer, and the naked eye will be able to see the upper leaves pointing up in a praying fashion reaching for the light source.
In fruit trees, "experts say" that the cytokines in seaweed extract can play a major role if applied to apple and peach trees in promoting the growth of fruiting spurs and also may reduce premature dropping of fruit. After much trial and error, this has been repeated successfully in marijuana plants, much healthier plants, higher yield, better taste, and a huge help with controlling heavy crops as branches are much studier to hold up hefty crops. “less tying”

Auxins, occur in the roots and stems during cell division. They move to areas of cell elongation where they allow the walls of cells to stretch. Auxins have been proven to give fruits and vegetables a naturally longer shelf life “so what will it do for your bud”. This is known as delaying senescence: the deterioration of cells and tissues that results in rotting.

Yes, there's more!
Seaweed extract and insects: Plants using seaweed extracts as a growth stimulator have been observed with reductions in populations of aphids and flea beetles to the point that these bugs were hardly noticed. Infestations of spider mites have been reduced by 40 to 50 percent. In addition to a nutrient added to the growth medium, some believe that using it as a foliar spray may have an effect in disrupting the mites reproductive capabilities.
Some also believe that the presence of hormones in seaweed may act to keep insects from advancing sexually rendering them incapable of reproducing. Some female insects are prevented from producing sexual scents that are needed to attract a mate.

These are just some of the reasons that you should try Nute Shots in conjunction with your regular fertilizer program for your plants.
Our Nute Shots have been modified to additionally give your plants that much sought after fruity taste.

Each bottle you buy contains directions to perfectly measure your mixture to stimulate your plants into giving you the best they have to offer!

TRY NUTE SHOTS IN ADDITION TO YOUR CURRENT FERTILIZER REGIME, see what happens with your own eyes. :-)

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